Appen provides data for the AI lifecycle

We are the leading provider in three out of the four essential steps of the AI lifecycle, including: 1. Data sourcing, 2. Data preparation, and 4. Real-world model evaluation

Where we don't provide native experience, we integrate with clients and partner with leading model management companies

1   Includes relevance.


Delivering financial outcomes in FY26

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Grow revenue and diversify

Drive growth in target customer segments

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Automate crowd and labelling processes

Leverage AI and ML in our labelling operations to improve the productivity of our crowd

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Expand our product offering

Expand our TAM by adding new products and capabilities - e.g. Quadrant and synthetic data

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Evolve how we do business

Improve the scalability and productivity of our GTM and project delivery


Appen is a truly global business

Global demand
for training data

by 2027

long-term value

Richard Freudenstein

Chairman’s message

In 2021 Appen celebrated 25 years of operations. The company’s transition from a language data provider to become a leading AI data annotation provider is remarkable. As we continue our journey and prepare for our next growth phase, we are committed to supporting our customers, looking after our employees and crowd, and delivering long-term value for shareholders.

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CEO’s message

"Our expertise and track record in three of the four essential stages of the AI lifecycle: data sourcing, data preparation and real-world model evaluation, along with our range of data types and scale, make us the clear market leader."

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Mark Brayan